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Outside my window... is a beautiful sunrise beckoning me out of bed.

I am thinking... about everything that needs to be done in the next few weeks and how to tackle it all. My grands are coming to dinner tomorrow and next week my girlfriends are coming for a little retreat up here on the mountain.

I am thankful (surprisingly this morning) for... my husband inadvertently waking me up at 6:30. This meant I got my early morning quiet time that I probably would have slept through otherwise.

From the learning rooms... we'll start our Thanksgiving Tree!

From the kitchen... Hmmm... I'll have to think on that one. Maybe we'll have burgers or meatballs and gravy for dinner. I'll get my kombucha kit finally started up, too! Time to menu plan for the next 2 weeks, as well.

I am wearing... currently jammies. I'll scrounge up some work around the house clothes because we need to do laundry this week while the sun shines.

I am creating... knitted goodies for the holidays and trying to get the courage to finish my grandmother's quilt.

I am going... nowhere for now. So glad to stay home for a few days!

I am reading... Silas Marner. Nothing like catching up on a few classics I never got to read before.

I am hoping... I can tackle the house without getting sidetracked today.

I am hearing... nothing but the quiet sounds of sleeping inside and the early morning birds chirping outside.

Around the house... the dust rhinos need to be wrangled!

One of my favorite things...

A few plans for the rest of the week: Finding my home again under all the living that's been happening, Dinner with 4 generations, Mid-week birthday party sleepover, and some 4-H project meetings. There's always other things I'd like to add to the list, but I'll keep it realistic!

Thanks to the Simple Woman's Daybook for the prompts... let's try to make it a regular occurrence!

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