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Horsetail, originally uploaded by free·range·mama.

We spent the day in SF yesterday -- with a tour of the KQED TV and Radio Studios and then off to Golden Gate Park to do a quick tour of the Primitive Garden with friends.

New things learned:

· Suspension of Disbelief is everything in TV.
· KQED is the most-listened-to public radio station in the nation. Including us -- it's the default on our station along with KAZU (Monterey's station).
· 10-15 kids CAN be deadly quiet for 60 seconds while in the Master Control Room while Matt Elmore makes the sponsor announcements during a Talk of the Nation break.
· Golden Gate Park was once sand dunes. They tamed it by judicial planting of Monterey Cypress, Monterey Pine & Eucalyptus.
· Gingko is actually a conifer, though it looks like a broad leaf tree!

We need to explore SF more! I'm always longing for more time there, but so glad we have many reasons to come back!

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